by Andrew S.

At Space Between Notes, we strive to make the (admittedly sometimes stressful) prospect of organising an event as care-free as possible. To that end, we keep the process simple and streamlined, and seek to keep you well-informed along the way, without overloading you with extraneous details. We don’t really need to know too much from you, especially in the early stages, and our online booking form covers all the key areas.

Venue location, and a contact name and number.

Once we have your booking in hand, we’ll liaise with the function coordinator so you can rest assured everything will be taken care of – tick that part of the organisation off as DONE!

Event start and finish times.

We’ll discuss with the function coordinator when we are able to be onsite in order to be set-up and clear by the time your events is scheduled to start.

A clear idea of what sort of music you’d like at event; for example, a dinner set early, then dance music after the speeches.

Ensure that you give the DJ or live entertainer good instructions as to what you want – or don’t want – to hear.

If have specific song requests, please make sure we know this early in the booking process. And to our wedding couples: if it’s for your bridal dance or other significant moment for example, please be sure that you give them the exact version of the song (a YouTube link is fine) that you want them to learn, so you don’t get a big surprise when you step on the dance floor for the first time as Husband and Wife.

There are agencies out there that treat your booking as Save-The-Date, rather than an actual Booking. At Space Between Notes, there has never yet been an occasion where the act you booked wasn’t the act you got. Of course, life is an imperfect science and sometimes-unforeseen situations can arise. Thankfully that’s never yet happened here, but should it happen, we have contingencies in place, never fear.