by Stephanie P.

You don’t NEED to spend a fortune on your dress. Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s about the quality of the fabric, the construction, the hand-sewn sequins; but SOMETIMES it’s just about the brand name. A good bridal salon consultant will suggest a dress that fits your price range AND flatters you.

The bottom line: DON’T spend more than you can afford. You and your fiancée need to be honest about what you want and what is achievable. Don’t, please, start your future together, in debt. But just like renovating a house, when you DO decide your budget, have a 10% contingency fund.

DON’T feel compelled to invite someone to your wedding if you really don’t want them there. Or if they invited you to theirs. Whilst I understand there can be a political component to the guest list, at the end of the day, It’s Your Wedding – invite exactly who you want to share your experience.

DON’T try to micromanage every last detail… no-one is going to notice if table 8 has only five irises in the vase when the rest have six. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff.


DO remember that you’re about to get married to your life partner. What I mean is, take some time out from the organizing to make time for one another. Not a mean a working bee. I mean, like, a date day (or weekend if you can spare it). Take some time to de-compress TOGETHER, celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in, and get yourselves emotionally ready for the giant life-step you’re about to take.

DO take advantage of friends and family offering their help.

DO make a to-do list. Be realistic about what you want from your wedding celebration, and make your list accordingly. Tick off each thing as it’s done, and you’ll be amazed how calm the whole process ends up being.

DO take mental snapshots of your day and night. In most instances, the lead-up to the wedding has been busy, stressful, and tiring. Now it’s here, so you’ve GOT to enjoy it. And from our vast experience here at Space Between Notes, we know will go by SO quickly. Every now and then over the course of the night, take your partner’s hand, give it a squeeze, and take some time to remember that this is this first night of your new life together. Breathe. Soak it in. Mental Snapshot that moment. It’s Your Wedding! And then don’t be surprised when all of a sudden the end of the night comes and you realize you that you didn’t get a chance to speak with all your guests. It’s ok – It’s Your Wedding!